A Fully Coordinated Move in Charleston County

We received a call to purchase a home that needed to go through the probate process in Charleston County.  This can be a daunting task especially for the seller who needed some assistance navigating the whole process. Luckily, we were happy to help!

The seller was able to utilize our full service buying approach. Here’s what we offer:

1.Set up with Attorney & Finish Probate Process
2.Find Realtor + Look at New Houses
3.Covered Cost of Moving Company
4.Coordinated Same-Day Closings
5.Clean-out and Junk Removal

First, we got her probate rolling with a qualified attorney who could also close the purchase of the house.  Next, we helped her find a list of smaller homes she would be interested in purchasing and set her up with a realtor to help in the process.

After those items were taken care of, we coordinated with the realtor and the attorney to ensure a smooth transition to closing throughout the process.  Several weeks before closing, we coordinated her closing with us and the closing of her new home with all parties.


We were able to schedule both closings back to back with one attorney to minimize the stress of moving and driving all over town.

We also agreed to clean her house out for her so she only had to take what she wanted to her new house.  This was a big help since she had accumulated a lot of belongings over the years.

Finally, we contracted our favorite movers to move her into the new house the day of closing.  We even picked up the bill!  She was able to sign her papers the night before so she had plenty of time the next day to take care of final preparation.  Since we were a cash buyer, our funds were wired to her almost immediately and she had the money to close the second transaction right away!

This was a lot of coordination but at the end, we had a lot of happy people!

For  information, check out what we offer with our exclusive Moving Assistance Program.