Free Resources for Charleston Area Homeowners

As a real estate company, part of our job is sharing helpful information with our customers. We’ve put together a few resources to help homeowners, like you, get information about the local Charleston market.

Probate Process Basics 

Do you need information on the probate process in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester county? Learn more about the basics of probate and selling an inherited house in your county.

Real Property Taxes

Curious about real property taxes in Charleston county? You may even qualify for lower taxes. Check out our property tax resource guide to learn more.

Moving Assistance

Learn about our exclusive moving assistance program. We assist both local and out of town sellers with the moving process. Check out this page learn about ways we can make your move easier than ever.

Questions about Selling (FAQs)

Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions. This guide covers general questions as well as specifics like title issues and probate questions. Learn more about our company and how we work with homeowners.

Curious about a topic you don’t see here? Contact us and let us know! We love to answer questions and provide resources to the homeowners of Charleston.